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Every so often Dennis the Peasant ( aka Dennis the Linecrosser ) engages in ridicule of Pajamas Media, a business entity which seems to exist as his personal chew toy.

And every once in a while he engages in Industrial Grade Snark with regard to PJM, concerning something called One Billion Bulbs which is a program to replace one billion incandscent bulbs with putatively more energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, to save energy or to become one with Gaia; some kind of nonsense like that.

Anyway, this is his take:

That this has all descended into yet another example of the political blogosphere's propensity to forego substantive debate on issues for self-congratulatory self-pleasuring is a fact… I have only to note that we now have the KOS Kids in competition with the Instapundit Crowd over who change swap out the most bulbs to prove that.

Fluorescent bulbs have been with us for years now, so we do we have to have a program to change the bulbs over. If they were better wouldn't the market have dictated the change already?

Perusing the Pajamas Media website, however, we fail to see any reference to this program; any references are at the one Billion Dim Bulbs site where Glenn Reynolds and his bunch are listed with some Daily Kos folks, with the number of members and the number of bulbs replaced. Other groups are listed as well.

We didn't find anything on Roger L. Simon's site about light bulbs, so we have to assume that Dennis the Linecrosser did a little overreach in applying what Reynolds was doing with Simon or Charles Johnson, two of Dennis' routine targets

But the sentiment Dennis expresses is solid regardless:

Even if you don't think the whole Global Warming Thingy is a steaming pile - and I certainly do - having to put up with this sort of nonsense is starting to push the whole issue into the realm of self-parody. We've got Prophets with carbon footprints the size of Texas pronouncing our impending doom, activists building arcs with no practical purpose other than self-righteous self-promotion and globe-trotting rock stars edifying via music that's at least five years past its sell date.

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