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Steve Graham of is on the case, so to speak, of Rachel Marsden, the Canadian born TV personality that Fox only a few days ago escorted out of their New York headquarters.

Folks on the internet love to focus in on someone else's misfortune, and Ms. Marsden appears to be the Daily Special.

Graham doesn't point out a lot about the case, except she had been hired to be a panelist on the Fox News overnight program, Red Eye, along with four others, she said some exceptional things in bad taste and that her temp replacement was even less easy on the eyes than Ms. Marsden.

We don't get cable, and not just because we can't afford it, so we never got the chance to watch Ms. Marsden in action. But we do have internet, so a bout of curiousity led us to search her out.

When Marsden got the job at Fox News, a number of negative articles were published online and in blogs. Salon's article in the above link was essentially a hit piece that hilariously pointed out how Fox New's drive to hire a selection of attractive women to deliver news wound up with Marsden as an exemplar of who not to hire.

Salon leans so far to the left in this article that it was in danger of capsizing. It was the kind of thing we would expect to see on Kos, Firedog Lake, or any other number of leftist opinion outlets.

With the Salon article and her entry in Wikipedia, we came away with the idea that Marsden case is rather typical of people, men and women, who get to the top of their profession and then publically implode. Marsden seemed to be trying to fight well above her weight class.

We know of one other case that dovetails with the Marsden case and that is Debbie Schlussel. Schlussel, as you may recall, was the conservative writer/unemployed lawyer, who had viciously attacked a number of conservatvie bloggers so intensively, she threatened a SLAPP lawsuit against them for a variety of offenses/torts.

What Schlussel wrote about these incidents and other things as well led us to label her a Minefield, someone definately to avoid.

And we suspect there are a number of others and not just women who drive for the Big Time, and who burn out quickly because while they may have been able to do the job, they lacked the confidence to stay. Schlussel is still a Fox News consultant, but she is also someone we have heard little about since she assumed she could deliver invective better than Misha.

Yeah, right.

Anyway, this post isn't so much about Ms. Marsden as it is her brushes with the laws and the courts in Canada, and the central issue with her seems to be harassment. Marsden has a habit of falling in love and lust, often at the same time and not necessarily in the same order, then when she gets kicked aside, she begins to press her case for reinstatement rather vigorously, and under Canadian law illegally.

And while her activities in Canada may have garnered a certain notoriety, in the USA, there are tens of millions of women who act the same way. They find a "man", they get a taste of the action, the fella decides that isn't what he really wanted, and voila, an attractive woman is on the outs and trying to get back in; phone calls, emails, visits to friends and family, and so on; sometimes slashed tires, broken windows, etc: everything she possibly do to reinforce the idea that the decision not to carry on the "relationship" was absolutely the right one.

In the USA, it's part of the social landscape. When you bed down with an attractive women there is a better than good chance if you change your mind, you will get reinforcment from her that was the right thing to do. There's not much you can do about it; change cells and such, but you are stuck with this feature in your life until it goes away, often by itself.

Women call this the Little Head thinking for the Big Head.

Men call it Psycho.

Marsden case appears to be a rather public failing of Fox News. They look an unprepared 30 year old with a past record of unsvaory berhavior, placed that pretty face on TV and expected to generate ratings. And with Marsden being escorted from her job, we can only assume whatever ratings Fox News may have gained were more than offset by her rotten behavior.

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