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Now that Jeff Goldstein has weighed in on the matter, it is pretty safe to describe the event.

It started when a black supremacist, Steve Gilliard died a few days ago, and a political opponent at the dark humor/satire site Six Meat Buffet wrote an “obituary.”

Gilliard is apparently remembered for two things. The first is his attempt at humor by portraying Maryland senatorial candidate conservative republican Michael Steele as a “house negro” ( whatever that is ) by overlaying large red lips and a graying moustache and eyebrows over Steele's pic. It was just the sort of thing that white supremacists would be proud, except both Steele and Gilliard are black.

The other is Gilliard was rather a hefty man, it seems.

Six Meat Buffet post in the link is an masterful exposition of dark humor, as well as an homage to a political opponent that didn't let decency and fairness get in the way of making a political point.

A Tennessee leftist blogger posted an excerpt to the satire post with only the title “Teaching Libs a Lesson.” Leftist blogger, Jesus' General riled his blog crew/groupies up to complain so viciously that said Tennessee blogger was forced to quit her blog and her day job.

Pretty awesome. Two leftist bloggers brought down in one shot, without conservatives even having to get vice president Dick Cheney involved with his famous shotgun. We wished our Mosin-Nagant would hit that well.

The aftermath is pretty funny, too. Now, it appears that leftist bloggers are trying to counterspin this event, by stating in essence, that even if she didn't post it approvingly, it had to be dealt with.

Goldstein's position was the Six Meat Buffet post was insensitive.

So it would seem.

Except here is the thing about dark humor. It isn't always pretty and indeed it is often quite brutal and ugly. But you can be certain of two things about dark humor.

The first is that it is always the truth. You cannot remark about an event in dark humor without telling the truth, the whole truth. If you try to slip a lie or an omission past your audience, your very exposition becomes a farce in itself, a self satire as it were.

The second thing is that dark humor always carries with it a moral lesson.

Otherwise, what is the redeeming value of it, if a moral principle cannot be extolled in the humor?

That's two things the left can't do: the truth and morality.

The left just can't do dark humor. Its very ideals are steeped heavily in lies, and those ideals cannot be advanced unless a leftist lies about it in some form. It is why those on the left who truly believe in Marx do not have a sense of humor, especially dark humor which must be hell for them, since they just don't “get it,” and likely never will.

As a personal note. We read the Six Meat Buffet post and we laughed so hard tears were coming out of our eyes. The humor was that good, and it was a shame Mr. Goldstein couldn't share in the humor.

Oh, well, maybe next time.

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