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Ah, the life of a Fox News analyst and everything to everyone.

We found something we actually agree with Internet Harridan and Defender of the Personal Web Graphic, Debbie Schlussel and that would be the silliness of the WNBA, the 11 year long experiment in professional womens basketball.

She includes some funny acronyms, Waste of National Broadcast Airtime, and Wierd Nuisance Brought on America for the WNBA.

We chased down some other of her posts, one including the reporting by Schlussel of an email by an irate WNBA assistant coach who basically said what many other conservative bloggers have wanted to say to Debbie.

But also included at no additional charge is a whole slew of spam generated by bots on the article Schlussel posted. Guess she must be too busy consulting with her "team of attorneys" trying to track down those who post her personal pic to have someone clear spam from her archives. After all it has been there for more than two weeks.

We would contact Dennis the LineCrosser, who would likely have a field day with seeing all the spam on her site, except he is too busy becoming a crossdresser. It seems Dennis wants a glamor shot of himself wearing what Debbie wears.

The article which pointed us to Debbie's website was one in which the WNBA was using pets to attract fans to a WNBA game by offering sort of a pet show. The clipped article from a Detroit newspaper showed a WNBA player with a dog. The bitch reference is cute, but for us with regard to Debbie the reference is recursive.

Which got us to thinking: Dennie the Linescrosser was already well on his way to "wearing what Debbie wears" when he sang hosannas to Somalian Muslims living in his area and his leftist peanut gallery can hardly wait to see if DTL will actually permit a photo of himself in more intense female drag. Why not dress a dog in the blouse and wig and leave the Internet is Forever tomfoolery to others. If he deigns to dress up more so he can look like Debbie, wouldn't that be a second line, a double cross if you will?

Anyway, this post has a dual purpose with regard to Schlussel.

Several years ago a young songwriter came on the scene, a young woman, whose haunting lyrics and tunes of love and love lost were covered by many artists over the years. This songwriter, whose claim to fame has been a singing association with Linda Ronstat amongst others came out with the song "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me."

The musician in question is Karla Bonoff; someone who never released more than four albums under her own name but who has written some quality heartfelt songs over the years. Her work has spoken for itself over the years. She has never sought to climb "to the top" of her field, preferring instead, apparently to enjoy her life and her art instead, apparenly refusing to emulate our current crop of attention seeking buffoons who record music; our very culture would be better had her more modern comtemporaries would have sought to emulate Bonoff's personal style.

Bonoff's song we just named is one we remembered for its lyrics and her genuine heartfelt rendition, and one which we sang to my daugher when she was just a toddler. Nothing instructive about the lyrics, nothing political, just sweet music.

Looking at this music legend's website we found a pressroom section in which Ms. Bonoff has a number of photos available for public use with the caveat they were available for publicity and promotional purposes, in other words generally available. If we wanted to replace that wallpaper on the Windows PC of launch operations aboard the USS Nimitz with Karla Bonoff's photo, we could do that as well as post her photo on this blog.

But if we became a fan of Ms. Schlussel we can't, ever use her photo for fear of SLAPP legal action by her "team of attorneys."

Ms. Bonoff is an artist too modest, we would think, to send an email to a blogger who decides to use one of her photos in a story threatening a SLAPP suit if said blogger refuses to remove the photo. We may be expressing a caricature of Bonoff but we only do so because the caricature of Schlussel she made herself is so gross by comparison.

When America wins the Global War of terror ( and America will win this war ) you can't help but realize which personality will be more enduring, the conservative narccisist with the legal cudgel or the songwriter who lets her work speak for herself.

Presenting, Karla Bonoff...

Karla Bonoff

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