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Some time ago we created the news category called "Enjoy the Show" as a catch all for for we now know is internet drama. And some good drama has come down in recent months, Rachel Marsden and Michael Vick to name but two we have mentioned. There are many many others. For a small while Pajamas Media and the lovely and talented internet journalist Pam Oshry-Gellar were subjects within these very pages.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is one huge catalog of internet drama taken from IRC channels and social network working sites as Live Journal to name but one. It is also a repository of alternative information theories, as they may be called.

It is worth noting that this Wiki is laugh out loud funny, but the humor is often is dark and coarse and therefore not for everyone. Especially if you are one who is high minded and easy to jump to the defense of ethnic groups you can never be identified with for any perceived "hate crime" ED is not for you to read. ED goes after everyone, mercilessly.

One small example of an entry is about a subject we personally hold very near and dear: Unix.

Here is ED's take on Unix:

UNIX, an acronym for Unix Is Not Unix, is an operating system invented at Bell Labs by Bill Gates' twin brother. Pronounced exactly like "eunuchs", which is appropos as one must abandon all hope of ever getting laid when one uses it.

There is so much more.

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