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That's right. Three months since I last posted an article on FFZ. Changes taking place in the background have intervened.

The first is for subsequent posts I will not longer be posting using the pronoun we. There was at one point a very good reason for posting in that voice, so suffice it to say those reasons no longer exist. Besides it does create some confusion -- not in my readers' mind, but in mine.

The second change is that I am currently being housebroken. Not sure how long it will take but my understanding I will be formally housebroken by January, 2008. Those who wish a clearer picture of what is specifically going on know how to contact me. This has been a long timing coming and as a deeply personal matter that is all I can say about it at the moment.

The third change is the future of this blog: My evolving domestic circumstances will dictate how much I will write. The frequency of articles have declined over the past several months before this large hiatus and I hope to turn that around, but at this point I just can't be certain. My current employment is physically demanding, and my best estimate was it would take about six months before I could get used to its demands before things get back to normal.

I have to December of this year to find out if six months is enough time. I am hoping it is, but at 53, you never know.

I love writing about college football and basketball, but let's face it: This college football season has been a disaster for prognosticators of every stripe; and this from a person who was dead certain the first week of September we will be seeing a Michigan USC national championship game.

If Ohio State beats Wisconsin and Michigan, and the Michigan game is a very big if, the Buckeyes will likely be in the championship game. If they stumble, and the smart money is saying they will, we could wind up with Boston College in the final game against LSU.

If that thought doesn't make you want to quit writing about college football, nothing will.

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