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Posted by: badanov

The friend zone is one of the oldest and most common traps that women set up to trick gullible losers into an eternity of mental enslavement. The stage is set for the friend zone when the woman is already in a relationship with a real man. As often as 13 year old boys need to jerk off to Pamela Anderson or Quentin Tarantino, girls just have to bitch about something; therefore she tries to whine to her boyfriend. Being an Alpha Male the guy has better things to do than listening to her complaints about how insensitive he is when he leaves the toilet seat up, how he doesn't call enough, and other shit nobody cares about so he tells her to STFU. Of course after a while of this she will start hemorrhaging angst and will desperately need an emotional tampon to soak it all up. This is when she will lure in a spineless nice guy for her to brutally shove into a bloody cesspool of emotional baggage called the Friend Zone.

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