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Funny how alll this sounds like it could have been released by the Office of the Speaker of the House or by Code Pink:

"It allows you to scoot away from the real issues that you all find hard to deal with: corruption in your governments, religion, education, culture." Who is corrupting all muslims leaders? Isn't it USA to control arab populations. You've bought all the arab and muslim leaders! The ones you can't corrupt are Hamas, Hizbollah, Talibans, Saddam, Iranian guards etc and you're fighting them. I mean, as I said earlier, you have divided the world in two categories: friends and ennemies! It's not fair! Because you have a super power hegemony, you kill everybody who says NON to you!

@ed You made me laugh! Afghans and Arabs are Muslims. We arabs, prefer some stupid talibans rulers than christian coalition targeting wedding gathering and killing children and women. It's a matter of muslims and muslims will resolve their problems if you let them alone!

I mean, you have a tremendous problem there! You know that you can't stop Talibans. You know that talibans have roots in Pakistan and majorly supported by Pakistani tribes. In my opinion, instead of killing everbody their, take a look aat the geography and try to discuss the issues with them. You can't win!! Impossible!

I think that, if you have invaded Afghanistan, it's because you are afraid of seeing Talibans taking control over Afghanistan and simultaneously taking control over pakistan and the nuke bombs, you USA, have provided to Pakistan! You are really sick!

I don't understand you guys why you're after talibans because they supposedly beat their women and supposedly rape their children! How many of your own beaten women in the USA died every year and how many children are beaten and nobody invaded you to rescue them? Are you sick? Russia is full of beaten women and raped children! Go and invade them!!

I see! Capitalism is not working by his own. You need help! You need ration coupons! You need Obama for food and work. And Obama is Muslim. How many of you has eaten today? Do you want some food from Morocco? We have some goats here and a lot of camels! Are you guys broke or something? Would you like to exchange some of your blondy women with some of our beautiful goats? :)

Good for you! Obama is muslim and will convert u all into Islam! Hail Hamas, Haniya and Khalid Mich3al

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