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I got the above link from Protein Wisdom

I frankly did not know there was a low level war going on amongst LGF, Atlas Shrugs, and Jihad Watch.

I generally go to the blogs listed on my "blogroll" to the left sidebar of this website, hardly at all anymore to LGF, but more to, Shooting Messengers and Da Rodge, the Real King of France, and so on.

Now,I don't agree with every last thing any of these folks have to say about everything. If I did, you would be right to label me a relative. And that is not the point. Folks who have a point to make, mainly that Americans are the Good Guys and just about everyone else who disagrees with that concept ain't, comports with my way of thinking; they always will.

The blog war described in the link sounds like conservative bloggers are acting like the left did during the 1930. If you didn't adhere to the 15th Protocol of the Comintern, you couldn't be a "true" communist, and you were to be labeled a fascist. The left at that time went to considerable lengths to make nice as long as the less than pure were willing to unite to defeat "fascism", but when the real shooting stopped, the purges began.

Reading at Atlas Shrugs, I guess I would be persona non grata there because I think Glenn Beck is a monstrously stoopid pretty boy Golden Throat, who belongs on the commentators queue at Huffington Post rather than some conservative icon. Did I do, what I described others of doing?

You better believe I did, but at least I know the difference; a lot of supposedly very smart people do not seem to be able to distinguish a difference amongst those they hate and those who really hate them with an AK carrying, strapped on bomb carrying passion.

Which is a shame because that is how the left got control of the government and is trying ( they won't succeed, BTW ) to gain control of the economy.

As an aside, Dennis the Peasant has been giving his less than conservative readers apoplexia with his teasing of Barak Obama and other leftist heroes. Funny stuff...

One other note, as a matter of disclosure, I did recently solicit Gates of Vienna, a known enemy of Charles Johnson for hosting business, a request they ignored.

Just as well. I think Geert Wilders needs a different hair stylist.

High and tight would be good.

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