Misogyny as Intellectual Thought Part III subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
Posted by: badanov

I myself saw this particular article, and I shrugged it off. It was Playboy; not exactly a paragon of intellectual thought. Others correctly saw it differently: as misogyny as intellectual thought.

I guess you can place Playboy at the left of things political, although it is no surprise to see leftist writers entertain similar thoughts in their work, except that until now they posed such things as though it were some kind of taint to the target of their personal dislike.

But is it really such a surprise that when leftists support armed robbery as public policy ( which the GM and Chrysler bankruptcies are), rape and murder can't be far behind?

So now, passive sexual assault is acceptable discourse in American politics, but then we are talking about leftists who embrace socialism, an ideology that unlike capitalism can only thrive in a repressive environment.

Oh, and don't bother asking feminists about this little episode of misogyny as intellectual thought. They believe, as the writer of this original article did, that misogyny is an acceptable path...

for everyone but them.


According to Atlas John Hawkin did a bit regarding liberal women. But since liberals love double standards when they are beneficiaries, I'd can easily take exception to the article because Hawkins failed to take into account the full load of crazy those woman are all packing, being liberals.

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