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So, on the alter of gaining a younger audience, NBC decided to cut the former Tonight Show host Jay Leno for Conan O'Brian.

I hope for O'Brian's sake this works out for them because the change simply doesn't work for me.

I read somewhere that O'Brian got his start in college trying out his humor on school employees.

So, the first night I overlooked the absurd premise of a cross-country marathon to California only to realize he forgot his keys to the studio upon arrival. I believe that that little skit will come back to haunt NBC as a symptom of what this change will do to them.

The second night was his full monologue. A chuckle or two for me and off went the TV.

O'Brian is still trying out his material in front of his peers and he looks just as goofy as he did when he started. This wasn't a standup routine: it was a twenty something clowning about for any laugh he can get.

He didn't get mine.

If very many folks my age feel the same way, O'Brian may well have wished he stayed in New York.

What if the Tonight Show tanks? What will it take to bring back the crowd that was turned off by the change? Female Breasts pressed against the camera? Obama announcing his resignation?

It could happen. After all NBC forgot the demographic that was their strongest to change to another one, more fickle one.

After all the time it took for the changeover.

Just like forgetting the keys.

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