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Posted by: badanov

Sloppy reporting on my part, I missed writing that the offending article has been removed. A reader following the link would have found that out.

Now, since the story broke, it appears the writer of a blog operated by AOL, Tommy Christopher, had been fired for writing critically about the original post.

When that story broke, the editor of the blog said that the writer of the proposed critique had been terminated as part of a planned workforce reduction. Even told a "reporter of Huffington Post so.

Apparently, Christopher is not going quietly into that liberal good night, as shown in the linked article.

So, now we have a liberal writer writing on an AOL blog article that puts paid to the lie Playboy regards women as nothing more that something they can "hate-f*ck", a deleted article that would ultimately embarrass a porn purveyor ( and that's saying something ), a denial of the very existance of the offending article by the deletion of the article itself, the subsequent firing of the writer, and then the denial that said writer was fired for wanting to expose the truth.

I got twenny bucks that sez at least one of the final acts of this episode is the editor, Melinda Henneberger, who did the deletion and termination, lies about lying about it.

It seems the left likes to "hate-f*ck" the truth, the same as women.

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