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Badanov News Network (BNN) When the US Embassy in Teheran, Iran hosts it first Annual 4th of July Picnic and Nuke Missile watch party, one person won't be present: Neda Soltani.

"We're checking to see why Ms. Soltani didn't get an invite, and we will get back to you," said an unidentified ( ficticious )White House spokesman.

"Clearly a bureaucratic snafu," joked the spokesman who wished to remain anonymous. "We'll check with the Iranian government to see why she was detained."

Ficticious politeness expert Melda Hart said of the snub: "This is a very rude oversight by the US Embassy. To invite Iranians and not include Ms. Soltani has to rank right up there with impolite snubs, including the year Jackie failed to make her appointment in Dallas."

"When you extend an invitation to murderous misogynistic tyrants, you should always include some of their victims, dead or alive," she said.

"And it would be rude to mention that little thing about the sniper round in the heart, you know, whether they did it. It makes them uncomfortable while tracking nuke missiles," added Hart.

"Far better to apologize to the Iran government on behalf of Ms. Soltani for being in the way of the shot."

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