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The only thing certain about a war, any war, including blog wars, is that events often spin out of control very quickly.

In the past several days a number of conservative bloggers including Robert Stacy McCain have been posting material about Charles Johnson's slow descent into leftist madness over the past two years.

I am not certain how all this began, except that I became aware of it in April, 2009, after it had already been raging since October, 2007.

I got the above link from Dennis the Peasant who just posted a lengthy ( lengthy for him ) entry about Johnson and his latest problem with conservatives.

Most of this concerns Johnson's contention that folks such as Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar are Nazis for their associations with European conservative political parties, such as Vlaams Belang which is an offshoot of Vlaams Blok whose founders collaborated with Nazi Germany in WWII something like three generations ago.

Johnson's latest insanity has been his threat to "take off the gloves" with regard to rather prominent conservatives such as Michelle Malkin. Johnson apparently thinks his high water mark in his online fortunes, the Dan Rather memos, will carry the day once whatever action he has in mind takes place.

For his sake I hope it works out for him because the numbers of his enemies are growing rapidly, as is the rate of growth of the numbers of his enemies, and his insistence on tweaking then noses of those enemy won't slow it down at all.

If he actually carries out his threat to "take the gloves off" it will be at that point events will spin out of control for him and everyone involved.

There is no doubt in my mind that several heretofore unrevealed associations will become apparent as a number of leftist bloggers will likely join in with Johnson in his attacks with the inevitable resulting counter by any number of conservative bloggers.

It will be at that point that a number of folks straddling fences will have to decide which side they are for.

I decided some time ago.

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