LGF, Pamela Geller and the Blog Wars, Part III subject logo: ENJOYSHOW
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Gate of Vienna has an epitaph for Little Green Footballs:

Now, two years later, Little Green Footballs has jumped a whole lagoon full of sharks. Charles Johnson has become a laughingstock. He is a safe target, and everyone feels free to pile on.

But where were the same people two years ago? Except for Lawrence Auster, Atlas Shrugs, and Gates of Vienna, none of the medium-to-large American blogs was willing to bell the LGF cat.

Remember: even Robert Spencer declined to dissociate himself from Charles Johnson until more than a year after the controversy -- and then only after Mr. Johnson savagely turned on him.

And even now, when it has become totally safe to kick Little Green Footballs down the stairs, none of the major American blogs has seen fit to revisit the source of the original conflict, namely the "fake but accurate" material that LGF used against Vlaams Belang and Sverigedemokraterna.

No one seems inclined to state the plain facts: Charles Johnson smeared good people using outright falsehoods that were never withdrawn or corrected

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