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Posted by: badanov

Miss Jane posted a letter oddly enough dated May 27th begging for money for the leftist magazine The Nation.

Her beef is that journalism costs money and they are experiencing a financial shortfall, and that aggregators sites link back to The Nation or "use" their work without paying.

One such publication I had never heard of until today was Buzz Flash, which defended itself by stating they only provided links to stories, and didn't use any of the text of the stories they linked to.

Sorta like what I do at Free Fire Zone.

It's a bad time to be a leftist, nee "Progressive".

Their main hero, Barak Obama, can't even pass gas after a cheese enchilada platter and a 22 ounce beer, much less legislation, and Congress isn't much better.

The Global Warming Scam has been exposed and literally thousands of leftist writers are facing for the first time their Paris-Hilton-Turns-50 moment, finding after 15 plus years they have to deal with the destruction of an industry they supported all those years, now about to collapse in just six months.

And on the eve of the collapse of what is definately going to be the final climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Apparently Mr. Drysdale is tapped out and so are many of Miss Jane's supporters.

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