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Originally, I didn't want to deal with this particular article because of its banality. Who cares if someone is "hot" unless you're the one asking that question about yourself?

I haven't followed Right Wing News in years because of insurmountable ideological differences, but this article was hard to ignore because it contained a reference to Ms. Rachel Marsden.

You remember my commentary on her some years back after she had been "escorted" out of a Fox News facility. Something about crappy behavior or the threat of it.

Marsden seems to have moved on to fresher targets since that article including the founder of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales. There are undoubtedly others that have failed to come out into the open. She must have shot low in those cases; why we don't hear about them.

And now the ghost appears again in the "Fifteen Hottest Conservative Women." Amazing bit of ignorance.

No question Marsden is easy on the eyes. But there seems to be a total lack of judgement on the part of the conservative bloggers who placed her that high on the list. Maybe beauty is skin deep, but psycho will blow right through you, and conservative men, after more than two decades of utter contempt by many, many others, including and especially women, should be aware of that.

But the people who placed her on the list aren't, or are so blinkered by her physical beauty that they fail to take her background into account. You'll see conservatives jump through their ass about someone who says something remotely anti-semetic, or racial, but a woman who has harassed boyfriends when things didn't quite go her way her; they get a major pass.

It well explains why conservatives are in the political position they are in now.

I got a better idea. The "conservative" women who are unmarried past age 30 are probably so for a reason. Take a run at one of them and then sit down before a word processor, and then tell the world how that went.

The sight of a beauty, not so beautiful with puffy, tear besotted eyes coming after you, or your friends with some kind of truncheon in her hand won't look quite so hot, I'd wager.

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